About Gem Driver Training

Driving school by instructor Roiseen Van Breda, servicing 4070 and surrounding suburbs in Brisbane’s West.

Roiseen Van Bread - Gem Driver Training

The Gem Difference

I am very reliable and a good communicator! I believe a good experience is a two-way street and a positive relationship between instructor/learner/supervisor is key to building a strong partnership from the start of L’s, to P’s and beyond. I always encourage the student to take ownership of their lessons in terms of management, planning and communications, this also helps them to grow as independent adults with the supervisor kept in the loop too!

– Roiseen Van Breda



Feel good about driving and everything else will flow from there, embrace the mistakes and use them to help you grow as a driver until you get your wings to independence and drive solo.



Each driver has a part to play on our road network. We all want to get home safely to our families each and every day. Learn the skills and explore ways to develop being part of the driving community beyond your L’s.



Learn to be respectful behind the wheel not only to other road users but also learning to respect your vehicle and building long-term safe driving habits.

“When we feel good about our driving, everything else will flow from there.”

Roiseen Van Bread - Gem Driver Training

Roiseen Van Breda

Gem Driver Training has evolved out of a real passion for helping students and their families to discover life-long safe driving skills. I have been driving for over 30 years with driving experience across 3 continents. The spark started about 10 years ago when our daughters were learning to drive, I enjoyed the teaching process for both our girls, our son still has a couple of years to go before his L’s (yikes!).

I decided in 2018 to leave my admin/accounts background behind and started driver training full-time. I have been teaching across the Western Suburbs of Brisbane for over 5 years and have spent many hours on Moggill Road to and from home!

I feel learning to drive is very much a community effort and team work makes the dream work! It is not always the easiest thing to grasp however with strong foundations right from the start and correct setup for basic driving tasks this can be positive for supervisors, learners and other family members in the household. When we feel good about our driving, everything else will flow from there.


Kind words from my students

This was my first driving lesson I did, and although I was driving for over a year now and had around 25 hours on my L's, I was really nervous doing this lesson, like really nervous. How ever my instructor Roiseen did a brilliant job teaching me. She was calm, had clear instructions, was kind and had great demonstrations of how to drive (especially the blind spots of a car) which was really helpful for me personally as I have High Functioning Autism which I need those things mentioned before so that I can work properly without confusion or having a severe meltdown/panic attack. In conclusion I really enjoyed my time with Rosieen and I look forward to continuing my Learners journey with her. Thanks

Kind, patient and always on time. Thanks Sheen!

I want to express a big thank you helping my son pass his driving test. His driving ability was never in question but his nerves were another thing, Your calm and positive nature helped his pass his driving test.

Roiseen was an amazing instructor, very encouraging and supportive throughout the process of learning to drive and made sure I was not only competent but confident in my own driving. She was very considerate and kind when mistakes were made and was extremely helpful in correcting mistakes and bad habits. Sheen also made sure I was confident in all driving settings and with all the skills needed to not just pass my test but to be an excellent driver. She helped me receive my manual license first go. I would definitely recommend her!

I can highly recommend Roiseen as a driving instructor. Roiseen is incredibly kind, patient, and accommodating. You can tell that she is genuinely passionate about her job and loves working with students. Both me and my sister did multiple lessons with Roiseen and we both loved her friendly teaching style. We both passed our manual tests first go and we could not have done it without Roiseen’s expert help. More importantly, Roiseen has taught me how to be a safe and confident driver. I am very thankful for Roiseen’s continual guidance and support. If you are looking for a friendly, devoted, and knowledgeable driving instructor look no further than Roiseen from Gem Driver Training. Thank you again Roiseen!